Cloud Based NDIS software

for National Disability Insurance Scheme Service Providers

Provides Australian Disability Service Providers to manage effectiveness and compliance under the NDIS.

NDIS Software Program

FlowLogic empowers Australian Disability Service Providers to work more efficiently and operate compliantly. Our solution will save a significant amount of administration time and expense facilitating in providing a clear view of current performance by meaningfully designed dashboard widgets and real-time activity and financial reporting. Improve workflow stay compliant and record all claimable activities.

Data-driven dashboards for better decision-making

Designed to export Internal invoice data to an organisation’s Finance software package like MYOB or Xero. Generate invoices for Participants, Nominees and Plan Managers in a separate invoice batch and if desired at different periodic cycles to the invoices generated for the NDIA.

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The Funding Exporter section will give you sophisticated financial figures and the ability to track the rejections with ease. Benefits of only using one system to make adjustments to your unsuccessful claims to be addressed and then re-processed accordingly. The main screen of the Funding Exporter will give you sophisticated financial figures and the ability to track the rejections with ease. NDIS statements are available for review, print or export from the Funding Exporter’s main screen, summarising the support items for each client and the available sort filter can display your data categorised by date, participant, NDIA cluster or funding stream. There are overarching reports available from the Reports sections to review the NDIS Service Breakdown and Available Funding as required.

Bulk Payment Request Software for the NDIA

A one-stop shop NDIS cloud-based software program

If your organisation is looking for an all-in-one software solution that can manage NDIS workflow and Tasks Management, NDIS Plan Management look no further. Collect data and gain insight to enhance participant/client outcomes and achieve a competitive advantage.

Built with an understanding of compliance, reporting and analysis challenges that the industry faces under current Government contracts, Datanova works proactively with existing clients to refine and extend coverage as the industry transitions to the new model and is suitable for Social Services, Foster care, NDIS and Aged Care.

Cloud-based Software for Australian Disability Service Providers

Our cloud-based software empowers Australian disability service providers and helps them manage clients in a more collaborative and effective manner.

Datanova is a team of experts in the disability technology sector. We have developed a software program that brings all of the required elements together in one. With more than 14 years of development experience for the community services management sector, we truly believe we are the best fit for your company.

NDIS Workflow & Task Automation Software

Cloud-Based Participant Portal for Engagement and Self-service

FlowPoint, a cloud-based portal preloaded with functions to engage and self-service your customers. From Staff and Serice Rating; share the roster with your participants. FlowPoint is optimised for FlowLogic, our sophisticated Cloud-Based CRM Solution which is designed to address the needs of Australian community care organisations. FlowLogic assists your organisation in improving outcomes, operating more efficiently, and in meeting the expectations of today’s customers.

Deliver a great customer experience

Your participants will be empowered to exercise choice and control and access a wide range of mainstream and community-based support, both formally and informally. This will require greater connectivity, integration, and collaboration between suppliers across all market segments.

Datanova believes that the introduction of the NDIS provides great opportunities for organisations to develop sophisticated data management systems to improve their whole agency-wide data management. This is a critical moment for organisations. They must make themselves compliant with the new claim payment model of the NDIS. But it’s also a great time to take advantage of the latest technologies available to improve organisational-wide efficiencies.

Learn more about the NDIS software features here.

Are you ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

NDIS Software Features

FlowLogic NDIS Software - A cloud based solution

Would you like to see how easy it is to use FlowLogic and FlowPoint for NDIS or any other funding streams? See for yourself the NDIS one-stop shop to manage all of your NDIS Participants and other support services. FlowLogic for NDIS is trendsetting, innovative, compliant and affordable. It is specially designed to suit NDIS Service Providers and Community Sector Organisations in Australia.

We would love to hear from you. Please book a free FlowLogic webinar or call us on 1300 552 166! Alternatively, send an email to our friendly Digital Business Solution Architects. We will get back to you shortly.

For more information also read our frequently asked questions about the software here.

Staff Rostering

FlowLogic offers extensive Staff Rostering Functionality
Perfect for providers looking to streamline rostering whilst automating compliance, billing & bulk NDIS claims. Notifications when a shift is confirmed, changed or cancelled.

NDIS Claims & Invoicing

Simply Manage NDIS Claims and Internal Purchases
Generate invoices for plan-managed and self-managed Participants and/or Bulk Payments to the NDIA directly. Automatically move financial data into Xero or MYOB accounting software.

Internal Messaging

Internal Messaging
Allow users to send messages to one or multiple users in the system via the ‘messenger component’.

Goal Tracking

Allows providers to assess participant goal progress and support the changing needs of participants over time as well as plan, monitor and report on their funding.

Customised Reports

Create scheduled reports that get automatically emailed to the specified addres
Create scheduled reports that are automatically SMS, emailed or internal message to specified addresses. You can choose to customise reports so you see exactly what you need t see.

HR & Leave Mgmt.

HR tracking and leave management
Staff request leave and manager can be used to grant or deny leave. Provides essential functionality to manage rosters, notify staff, run timesheets and produce billing reports.

HR Cloud-Based Software

FlowLogic is a cloud-based software allowing you to work from anywhere
Time Off Management, Employee self-service, Employee directory, HR Reports, Core HR Software, Slack integration.

Amp Staff Engagement

Extensive Staff section with basic staff details and much more
From on-boarding to ‘end-of-day staff questionnaire’, capture daily details. Access work-related details, gain insights on your team.

Recorded historical changes

Recorded historical changes
FlowLogic software is smart. Because of the way it has been designed, all changes to any files or documents on the system are recorded historically.

Intuitive Dashboard

ndis dashboards
Different users see different information and different levels of information depending on their role. Automatically presents different personalised dashboards to users.

Participant Management

Capture Extensive Participant Details
Engage, connect, improve and help participants. Set up goals and tasks that are tailored to the goals, personal circumstances and disability support needs.

Critical Incidents

Improve the safety and wellbeing of all participants. Ensure effective and appropriate review of client incidents. Outcome-focused with follow-up of incidents worflows.

Manage from A-Z

FlowLogic enables you to capture extensive carer details to make you work more efficiently
Manage every detail about participants, including Progress/Goals/Support Notes about all interaction with participants. Detailed history of every communication, every service delivered.

NDIS Participant Portal

Highly secure platform that gives your staff the ability to update records eg. roster, update participant goals and assign tasks from laptops, iPads or even smart phones.

Multi Funding Streams

Multiple funding streams makes it ideal for a wide variety of organisations including associations, societies, community groups, indigenous and Aboriginal organisations.

Work paperless. From anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about FlowLogic NDIS Software

Why is FlowLogic the best for NDIS service providers?

FlowLogic is the most comprehensive cloud-based software for service providers of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. FlowLogic includes many features such as staff rostering, CRM functionality, workflows and task management, multi claims and internal purchasing components and more. Most importantly of all, everything is paperless, online, in one place.

Here is why our customers love FlowLogic:

  • FlowLogic has been specifically designed for disability service providers.
  • FlowLogic is fully customisable and can be tailored to meet your needs.
  • FlowLogic is cloud-based, so you can access the software from anywhere. There is no need to install the program on your device, be it on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • FlowLogic is straightforward. At Datanova, we don’t try to upsell different modules – you simply get what you see. Which is the entire package that allows you to be NDIS ready

How safe is cloud-based software?

FlowLogic operates on the best cloud servers available in the world. The hosting facility offers secure, robust and reliable networking functionality and has the best security practices and a variety of IT standards including:

  • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS 70 Type II)
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 27001
  • ITAR
  • FIPS 140-2

Does the software work on a tablet?

FlowLogic is a cloud-based NDIS software solution and works very well on tablets. The software also works on smartphones, but because of FlowLogic’s extensive functionality features we recommend you use it on laptops, desktop computers and tablets.

The software comes with a comprehensive tracking system, which keeps track of who logged in last and what changes were made. It even saves all previous versions of a file or document. This way there is a never question about who made that particular change and from what device this was executed.

How does the claims & purchasing component work?

FlowLogic’s Claims & Purchasing component is developed as a customisable system, focused on the financial and administrative aspects of your organisation. The claims and purchasing component has been designed to:

  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork
  • Bulk Payment Request Software for the NDIA
  • Reduce or eliminate errors in rejected claims
  • Export Internal invoice data to MYOB or XERO.

Other FlowLogic features:

  • It shows all records the user can approve
  • It can also approve from within an individual record
  • Records can be put on approval ‘hold’ with a message to the submitter
  • Approval status updates are sent via email
  • The approval process (‘workflow’) can be unique to each section.

What are the features of NDIS cloud-based software?

FlowLogic NDIS software comes with many features and is a very comprehensive system that allows you to manage everything from one place. One of the most significant features of this software is that it allows you to work paperless. For a full list of software features, please contact us on 1300 552 166.

What is the pricing?

FlowLogic software is distributed as part of a SaaS (software as a service) agreement. This SaaS agreement is between your company and Datanova. This means you, as the software subscriber, use our software for a set time, for a set price. The agreement sets out the exact terms and conditions under which we licence you to use the software. To find out more, contact our dedicated consultants on 1300 552 166

Can I get a free demo?

If your business is NDIS ready we would love to show you how we can help and offer you a free demo of the FlowLogic NDIS software. Contact our dedicated consultants on 1300 552 166

How can I get the NDIS cloud-based software?

Contact our dedicated consultants on 1300 552 166



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